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Why Buy Local – 1/24/14

A lot of people talk about buying local, below is a true story of why you should.

An local resident bought a basic natural gas water heater two years ago from a long standing (but struggling) retailer 50 miles away.  

Struggling retailer installs water heater.

Struggling retailer sells private labeled AO Smith waters heaters. Water heater quits making hot water. Customer calls us.

We diagnose water heater to have a failed gas valve.  Warranty is 6 years parts, so gas valve is under warranty.

We call struggling retailer to cross reference gas valve - they will not talk with us because we are not struggling retailer employed tech.

Struggling retailer says it will be 9 days until their tech arrives.

We are AO Smith dealer.  I contact AO Smith rep who tries to cross reference serial number - no  cross reference for this private label.

At this point customer is stuck. We can try a gas valve that we think will work, but if it doesn't, choices are to replace two year old under warranty water heater or wait 9 days.

We ordered gas valve and installed it this morning - it worked.

If customer had us install water heater two years ago, he would have had a hot shower two nights ago and no invoice to stew over when he gets his hot shower today.

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