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Tankless Water Heaters – 9/9/13

I am thinking about purchasing and installing a tankless water heater, what do I need to know?

Tankless water heaters are a good choice for many homes.  

Below are some questions that should be answered before deciding if a tankless water heater if right for you..

What is source water temperature during coldest time of year?

Tankless water heaters heat water on demand, no hot water is stored.  Temperature of water leaving is dependant on incoimg water temperature.  

When sizing a tankless water heater, capacity should be determined using coldest incoing water temperature unit is likely to see.  

In locations where ground is always warm, like Florida, incoming water will always be warm and a smaller tankless unit can be used. 

In some Northern locations, incoming water temperature can drop into low 40s.  If your water is really cold during winter, 

tankless water heater capacity must be increased to allow for lower incoming water temperature.

How many gallons per minute do I need?

Your plumber should help you size your tankless water heater.  He should ask how many people live in your home and/or how many people will need hot water.  

If you have guests often, including kids home from college, that should be given consideration.  Plumber should also inventory all uses of hot water. 

Will I have hot water right away?

Tanless water heaters start heating water when you open a hot water tap.  If tap has not been opened for a bit, water in line between tap and tankless 

water heater will be room temperature.  If tankless water heater is close to point of use, it will only take a few seconds for water to be hot.  Location of 

tankless water heater is important.

Are tankless water heaters efficiant?

Yes, some very efficiant.  Most conventional, residential, natural gas or propane (LP) fired tank type waters are 65% - 70% efficient.

Non-condensing tankless water heaters are mid 80% efficient.  Condensing tankless waters are mid 90% efficient.

Will I save money installing a tankless water heater?

Maybe.  Tanlkess water heaters definately use less energy to heat water.  They are typically more expensive to purchase and install than conventional 

tank type water heaters..They require soft water.  They require annual maitenence.

If you use a lot of hot water, it is likely to save you money.

Are tanless water heaters "Green".

Yes.  They use less energy to heat water.

Purchasing and installing a tankless water heater can be a good decision.  Knowing answers to questions above will help you decide if it is a good decision for you.

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